Firmware Mayhem do PortaPack2

Poniżej znajdują się wszystkie dostępne wersje oprogramowania Mayhem do Portapack2

Procedura aktualizacji:

  • Podłacz HackRF+Portapack do portu USB
  • Poczekaj na zainstalowanie się drajwerów
  • Przełącz w tryb HackRF
  • Uruchom plik flash_portapack_mayhem.bat
  • Zrestartuj HackRF

Revision (v1.4.0):

Revision (v1.3.1):

Revision (v1.3.0):

  • New looking glass app / wide spectrum waterfall (thanks @euquiq)
  • Fixes to APRS app (thanks @euquiq)
  • Load custom frequency files on scanner app (thanks @rascafr)
  • Option for enabling CLKOUT (thanks @dqs105)
  • New HF Time and frequency standard stations (thanks @texasyojimbo)
  • Fixed external script:

Revision (v1.2.3):

  • Definitive fix for the bug after enabling DC voltage

Revision (v1.2.2):

  • Morse app improvements and bugfix – speed in WPS and repeat loop (thanks @strijar)
  • Fixed freezing bug when enabling antenna DC Voltage
  • Siggen app bugfix on „Stop After” freeze & stronger CW signal (thanks @dqs105)
  • Add VHF marine frequency to SD frequencies (thanks @RobertoD91)

Revision (v1.2.1):

  • Improved Soundboard app (thanks @ITAxReal)
  • Radiosonde vaisala now decodes temperature and humidity (thanks @euquiq)
  • Fixes on the freq manager (thanks @rascafr)
  • Improved Microphone app now on the main menu (thanks @euquiq)
  • Backlight timer fix (thanks @euquiq)
  • Extended waterfall in AM/NFM Audio mode (thanks @strijar)
  • Updated CB channel list (thanks @mcules)
  • Fixes related to mic tx rfgain and siggen amp (thanks @dqs105)

Revision (v1.2):

  • Fully renewed Scanner (thanks @euquiq)
  • Enhanced Mic TX (thanks @euquiq)
  • Geomap has a working heading now (thanks @jwetzell)
  • Improved Radiosonde – Added Vaisala RS41 decoding (thanks @euquiq)
  • New graphical header and footer with clock (thanks @klockee)
  • New simplified about app
  • Debug temperature app shows activity (thanks @euquiq)
  • Other fixes and minor improvements (thanks @alain00091@jwetzell and @euquiq)

Revision (v1.1.1):

Revision (v1.1.0):

  • Speaker mute/unmute option for H1 users that can be enabled from Options/Interface (thanks @euquiq)
  • Improvements to the Scanner app (thanks @johnelder)
  • Debug menu enhancements (thanks @gregoryfenton and @euquiq)
  • Enhanced/new icons, labels and colors

Revision (v1.0.3):

  • Capture and Replay app do not hang on exit and fix on OOK transmit #35
  • Few new icons, and minor color changes
  • Lower buttons aligned in fileman